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Traditional Folding Wooden Deckchairs

Covered in your choice of Deckchair Canavs from our range of over 40 striped canvas fabrics

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Deckchair Canvas or Vintage Deckchair Canvas from our range of over 40 fabulous striped fabrics - a few examples below!
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About Deckchairs......

Deck Chairs were an Edwardian invention along the lines of folding campaign furniture, the deckchair was lovingly adopted by the nation following two world wars.

Aunt Daisy and Uncle Bert could be relied upon to produce their deckchairs from their summerhouse at the remotest glimpse of fair weather and a hectic round of croquet.
Recovery procedures involved canvas ordered from the local hardware store and speedy tacking on in the potting shed.

Later adopted as perfect seaside furniture - deckchairs were rented out for pennies by the day along with donkey rides and Punch and Judy shows.

Although synthetic fabric deckchair covers were introduced in the 1960's, it took us to discover a gap in the market - with many empty deckchairs languishing in sheds up and down the country, the only deckchair covers available seemed to be plastic or synthetic instead of the traditional 100% cotton canvas.

We now have brand new English hardwood deckchairs which may be covered with any fabric from our
Deckchair Canvas   range or Vintage Archive Fabric.
Please order canvas colour and quantity of deckchairs from our drop down menu.

However if you would like to find your own deckchair you may be able to pick one up at a carboot sale or local Auction Room and recover with our
Deck Chair Canvas.

Please bear in mind that our Deckchair canvas fabric is 100% cotton with no synthetics. Modern dyes are used today which lack the toxic colour fasteners used in the past so they will fade quicker if left out in strong sunlight and adverse weather conditions.
The very nature of a deckchair was as an instant chair to sit in the sun - and folded away again when it rains!

Our Deckchair canvas is not suitable for heavy commercial use.

Because our fabric is 100% natural cotton with no synthetics, the weave is constructed to slightly 'give' when first sat on. If tacked on tightly - the canvas will 'mould' to the shape of the body to give a more relaxed and comfortable seat. This is totally normal and the strength of the fabric is not compromised in any way.

Standard deckchair: £85.00

Please note Express Delivery NOT available for Deckchairs

Please telephone us on 0845 500 1 005 if you have any queries

Go Loud, Go Proud, Go Deckchairstripes...!

deckchairs - beech deck chairs Deckchairs - English Hardwood in Bagatelle Vintage Deckchair Canvas

English Hardwood Deck Chairs

£85.00 each

Size folded 135cms x 55 cms

Please select no of Deckchairs and colour of canvas from the dropdown list below. NB Your basket will show 2 items, the deckchair frame and deckchair cover

Express delivery not available for Deckchairs

To help you choose your deckchair canvas cover for your new deckchair see our
Deckchairs Gallery

Deckchairs usually take 7 - 10 days from ordering as we cover them by hand, but please let us know if there is a 'rush' and we will try to help.

wooden deck chairs

Tradtional Deck Chairs in
Vintage Deckchair Canvas - Triathlon Green and Red

folding deckchairs

Standard Deck Chair in
Mahjong Deck Chair Canvas.

These deckchairs make wonderful unusual Wedding , Birthday or Christmas presents!!

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